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Winston Churchil was the Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War. I ran outside and the door locked itself behind me. It was almost -40. You aren't ready for this. I'd like to hear what you have to say on this.

I should've kept my cool. Novo may eat as much as he wants. The lagoon's water is cold.

This planet's orbit is congested with hundreds of captured moons. You should cultivate the habit of getting up early. The bandits demanded all money in the register. I think we have a winner. Hilda followed her friend to the hotel because she did not know the area. Hang the mirror on the wall. I went into an Italian pizzeria. It more than hurt.

I took the wrong bus. Arne usually eats his lunch alone. Benjamin Franklin was an American politician and inventor. I didn't know exactly what to do. You must do it this way.

Old is old enough to get a driver's license. Ole is flirting with Ruth. Thank you for agreeing to help me. Laughing really is good for you. The apple is ripe. I love my cat. We were worried about him. Those box speakers have a good reverb. Tell us about your new book. She runs the business with her daughters.

My happiness is complete. Hamilton wants to be happy again. Certainly, my knowledge of French is limited. Rodent became a taxi driver. We played many kinds of games. Don't you read a newspaper? He is thinking it over.

Be kind to others! They could've gone anywhere. Please give me the menu. They were family. You didn't look.

I'll show you around town. Marc told Shahid she didn't want him to date other women. I never called her back. I am near the station. Please allow me to carry your bag. Kari must be angry with Lonhyn for what she did. Venkata renovated a house. I have to use English all day.

Solar energy does not threaten the environment. The truth can be a burden sometimes. Uh, will you excuse me?

I tried to take our dog out of our house. It was raining when we left, but by the time we arrived, it was sunny. Men are not always what they seem to be. I just bought a new desk for my computer. Are you falling for Jeff? She's obviously in pain. Theo told Linda not to play with fire. Lui watched us carefully. I'm gonna shock the world! Is it really my fault?

It seems like you're unexpectedly eloquent. Then they picked dandelions and put them in their ears. What in the world is going on here? He was ashamed of troubling you. I can't ever be what you were. Francois knew Mohammad would like John. Sita smiled pleasantly. I am going to stay here for a couple of days. He has to get up immediately. Nothing but peace can save the world.

I never really cared for that. I know better than to quarrel with her. You know how Alison is. I'd never ever do that. I know how that feels. I've seen a one-legged man. The problem is clear to the Italian public. The backer is waiting to see how the deal pans out. Margaret doesn't have to worry about money. Why didn't you tell this to the police?

Jan is a cool guy. I suppose you enjoy that sort of thing. Learning French is difficult. We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist. The polar bear, which lives on the polar ice-cap, will lose its home and die out. I'm not senile. Want is the mother of industry. She wrote her a friendly response.

How many times did you do that? The treasure was buried on the island. I don't ordinarily do this. Somebody must care for the patient. That's just nasty.

Ethan works for a large company. We should leave. It took her more than three months to read through the magazine. You should never have done that. He's under the chair. Louiqa is very kind. No one's safe here. You've gotten hitched? He looked at her with doey eyes. Why are you dissatisfied with your life?

Isn't he cute when he's so angry? Thank you for calling Reid. We'll bring her home. I don't have time to explain. What in the world happened here? Robots are great in the workplace, because they don't need toilet or meal breaks, don't get sick or come to work with a hangover.

Many Peruvians have the habit of chewing coca leaves.

Do you know where I'll end up if I take this road? Muscles are made of hundreds of thin fibers. Promises are things that must be kept. My wife is a physician. You should throw it away. I'll go and look for him.